Grey Acid-etched Mirror

Walker’s grey acid-etched mirror possesses a rich dark grey mat look with reduced light reflection. This mirror provides a distinct contemporary aesthetic design element to any interior.  It is perfect for wall coverings and is to be used only in interior applications.  All Walker acid-etched mirrors are third-party-verified EDP and HPD certified.  

Product Specifications

Thicknesses: 3 mm to 6 mm (1/8’’ to 1 /4’’)

Dimensions: Standard 96’’ x 130’’ only

Substrates: Grey

Surface: One side only

Etching: Grey acid-etched mirror can be done in either Satin or Opaque finish. It is mostly shown and used with our Satin finish (see above image). 

Availability: The 6 mm Satin grey mirror is available in less than 4,000 pound quantities. All other full surface acid etched mirror including the Opaque grey mirror are only available in full pack quantities of 4,000 pounds.  

Applications: Interior only

Warranty: 10 year limited warranty on surface degradation. For all terms and conditions regarding the Walker Textures® warranty, please contact our Customer Service Department.


Easy to Clean

EPD Certified

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