with acid-etched glass and mirror

The eGuide of Designing Interiors
with Acid-Etched Glass and Mirror

Within this eGuide, you’ll find insights into the benefits of acid-etched glazing and strategies to achieve the most with your glass. You’ll see how the unique characteristics of each glass type affect the movement of light within buildings, enhance aesthetics, increase durability, and reduce environmental footprints. You’ll find a catalogue of available options, an overview of our support for building professionals, and much more.

Seeing is believing, so we’ve included plenty of examples of acid-etched glass architecture. Landmark institutions, world-class infrastructure, and commercial behemoths – all designed with Walker Textures® acid-etched glass and mirror.

Walker Glass +
Vitro Architectural Glass
an enlightened partnership

For years, Walker Glass has collaborated with Vitro Architectural Glass to provide a range of exceptional glass solutions. Our offering includes Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass and mirror with a choice of Walker Textures® acid-etched finishes, and etched glass with Solarban® low-e coatings on the second surface to optimize energy performance.

Walker Glass
in the field

Architecture and design involve multiple layers of technical mastery and creative vision. We have curated a selection of projects built with acid-etched glass and mirror, to inform and inspire your upcoming projects.

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