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This section addresses the most frequently asked questions that the Walker Glass team encounters in working with our customers and partners. We are constantly logging these questions and our goal is to continue to expand this section over time. Thanks for your questions, please keep them coming.

Questions & Answers

Can acid-etched glass be tempered?

Yes, acid-etched glass can be tempered. The etching process does not add anything to the glass, therefore acid-etched glass can be further processed in many different ways, including laminated, back painted, bent, etc.

How do you clean acid-etched glass and mirror products?
Since nothing is added to the surface the maintenance of the acid-etched glass is easy. You may use any type of soap or glass cleaner to remove dirt. It is recommend to end the cleaning with a clean cloth and water to remove the remaining residue. For more information please refer to page 9 of Walker’s Guidelines for Handling, Fabrication, Installation and Cleaning.
What are the available sizes for the different Walker products?

Walker products are available in the standard stock sheet size of 96’’ x 130’’.  We now offer our Velour finish in oversize dimensions of 100’’ x 168’’ and 100’’ x 204’’. For other available sizes please contact our Customer Service Department.

We must also point out that the etching process creates a trim around the perimeter of the glass that is not usable. The trim is ¾’’ on each side.

How long does it takes to receive my order?

Generally speaking, the normal turnaround time is under two weeks from order acknowledgment to delivery of Walker products to your door. However, there are many factors that can influence delivery timelines. It is always best to check in with our Customer Service Department to confirm your specific delivery date.

In the case of AviProtek E, low-e coated acid-etched bird friendly glass, standard patterns take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to process.

What is the difference in opacity between your finishes?
Walker manufactures four distinct full surface finishes possessing different opacities. The most noticeable difference between our finishes is the level of visible light transmittance. The data can be found on page 10 of the Product Specification booklet.
Can acid-etched mirror be used in a spandrel application?

Unfortunately, mirror cannot be used in exterior applications. In order to obtain a similar look, a combination of Walker Textures acid-etched glass with paint and/or another glass substrate would result in a similar look.

In which position can acid-etched glass be used in an insulated glass unit?

Acid-etched glass can be used in any of the four positions in an insulated glass unit. If you visit our project gallery you will find many different examples where our glass was used from the first to the forth position.

What is your product warranty?

Both the acid-etched surface finishes and mirrors are supported by a 10 year warranty. For more detail please visit the warranty page.

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