with acid-etched glass

The eGuide of Designing Exteriors
with Acid-Etched Glass

The versatile nature of acid-etched glass makes it an excellent choice for enhancing your projects’ exteriors. Our eGuide showcases the multitude of possibilities this material offers.

This eGuide is your key to the most important characteristics of this hard-working material. You’ll discover how this glass can be used on the building’s exterior, with benefits supported by thorough testing and case studies. You’ll see how it can optimize an exterior’s durability, sustainability and visible light transmittance, a crucial aspect when designing with natural light. You may also draw inspiration from the project features and case studies included in this book. These projects highlight how acid-etched glass can add value and help architects meet their goals, in architectural projects of all kinds.

Innovating in partnership
with Vitro Architectural Glass

For years, Walker Glass has collaborated with Vitro Architectural Glass to provide a range of exceptional glass solutions. Our offering includes Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass with a choice of Walker Textures® acid-etched finishes, and etched glass with Solarban low-e coatings on the second surface to optimize energy performance.

Walker Glass
in the field

Architecture and design involve multiple layers of technical mastery and creative vision. We have curated a selection of projects built with acid-etched glass, to inform and inspire your upcoming projects.

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