What we believe

Walker was founded on a set of principles that continue to guide the company today – all while having fun! Competing, innovating and delivering. At the core of our offering, what drives us and what our products enable, is sharing one of our most precious resources: Light! Our products diffuse it, reflect it, move it, soften it, spread it, share it, retain it and extend it. We’re proud to share the light!

Living by our values

Everyone at Walker strives to be:

Ethical, guided by honesty, integrity and solid moral values.
Respectful, treating others in the way that each of us would expect to be treated.
Accountable, taking responsibility for our decisions and actions.
People-oriented, interacting together as a family, caring for each other.
Hardworking, making the extra effort needed to see a job through.
Adaptable, always prepared to consider and adopt alternatives to the status quo.
And to embrace Teamwork as the most effective and rewarding means to achieve our goals.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility

Walker’s guiding principles extend to worker safety and to the environment and sustainable development. We are proud to support our clients and specifiers with Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) and Health product declarations (HPDs) for our entire product line.

Walker’s commitment to the environment has resulted in an ongoing research & development program, which has resulted in the investment of state-of-the-art environmental control equipment. Waste water and air emissions are recycled and/or treated and continually monitored to meet and, wherever possible, exceed regulatory requirements.

Finally, Walker continues to take extensive measures to recycle all the glass and mirror that would otherwise be headed to the landfill. Every year, Walker recycles over 1,100 tons of glass and mirror.

Our why

We are fortunate to be in the business of spreading and sharing light. Study after study reveals that natural light in the workplace significantly improves worker productivity, reduces absenteeism and provides for a pleasant working environment. Our lines of acid etch glass and mirror do exactly that, allowing architects and designers to maximize the use and infiltration of light into work spaces. Our WHY is to continue to develop products that allow humans to benefit from this most precious resource – light!

Who We Are

Walker is North America’s leader in the stock sheet mirror and acid etch glazing.

Communicate with our Experts

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