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Walker considers itself very fortunate to be an active and well recognized player within the North American glass industry since 1942. This length of time has allowed us to develop meaningful relationships with major players who share a similar goal – to provide our shared customers with superior products based on innovative and creative technologies.

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Vitro and Walker – a solid, longstanding partnership

In early 2008, Walker and Vitro (then PPG) announced a marketing alliance to jointly market the Walker Textures line of acid-etched glass and mirrors with Vitro’s Starphire ultra-clear glass. The unmatched combination using Walker Textures® etching finishes has provided architects and designers a unique design option creating highly aesthetic visual results. This alliance has been highly successful for both firms, and more importantly, for the design community.

Walker Glass and Vitro Glass further strengthened its partnership in 2015 to create the first generation of low-e coated acid-etched bird-friendly glass. This innovative product line known as the Aviprotek® E will help architects and building owners achieve their environmental goals and earn LEED credits, while meeting solar performance targets.

The acid-etched on the outside surface mutes the reflection, creating contrast, which provides effective visual markers for birds for both direct and angled views. In addition, acid-etched markers have no impact on the level of visible light transmission. Optimal energy performance can be reached with Vitro’s Solarban® 60 and 70XL high performance low-e coatings.

Pilkington and Walker partner on the Aviprotek® T offering

In 2018 Walker Glass combined resources in an exclusive arrangement with Pilkington North America and launched AviProtek® T line of bird-friendly glass products.

The AviProtek® T offering is a highly innovative solution that utilizes patented UV technology applied to the first surface of the glass that is barely noticeable to the human eye, yet visible to birds. Pilkington’s proprietary coating provides the UV enhanced reflective properties and Walker’s acid etch technology creates the standard and custom patterns needed to meet the various bird friendly regulations in jurisdictions across North America.


Founded in 1948, the National Glass Association (NGA) merged with the Glass Association of North America (GANA) on February 1, 2018 to form the largest trade association serving the architectural glass and metals industry supply chain, including glazing contractors, full-service glass companies, glass fabricators, primary glass manufacturers and suppliers to the industry. It is a technical powerhouse that brings some of the best minds to the table to create technical resources and promote and advocate for glass in buildings.

Walker has participated in the industry as an active member of many key associations bringing together glass businesses in North America – from NAMM over 30 years ago, to today’s new entity NGA/GANA. Walker believes strongly in participating in association initiatives and events, and enjoys the camaraderie that has been established between member organizations as a result of years of working together.

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