The purpose of this section is to provide you with an expanded understanding of the subjects covered such as:  bird deterrence, sustainable materials, LEED and more. Our hope is that this information will be valuable to the entire glass industry supply chain that Walker participates in, including architects and designers, glass fabricators, glaziers as well as building owners. Hope it’s helpful – please let us know either way!

Bird Safe Glass

The use of bird safe glass in glazing solutions as a means of significantly reducing bird collisions is becoming a mainstream design consideration throughout North America. Find out what can be done to avoid it.

Responsible Manufacturing

Walker Glass has been an early adaptor of the transparency and sustainable materials movement.

Sustainable Materials

Looking for products that are EPD and/or HPD certified? You are in the right place!


Learn more about Walker’s contribution to LEED project points here.

Exterior Applications

Yes, acid-etched glass can be used in exterior applications. Check it out!

eGuide of Exterior design

Have a look at The eGuide of Designing Exteriors with Acid-Etched Glass.

eGuide of Interior Design

After the eGuide of Exterior Design here The eGuide of Designing Interiors with Acid-Etched Glass and Mirror.


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