As a Fabricator you may not be familiar with our full line of products, which is understandable. Walker’s Fabricator Education Program is tailored specifically to your needs to bring your team up to speed on our full line of products. We work with your customer service and sales teams in person or via a webinar to give you the information you need to win the business.

Sharing the Possibilities

Walker’s Architectural Managers team works closely with architects across North America to explore their design needs and support them in specifying our products for both interior and exterior applications. When our products are specified in a job that comes your way, our goal is to give you the best chance to get it.

Walker’s Fabricator Education team has built two training programs to help bring you up to speed on our products. We’re also happy to customize a training session based on your specific needs.

Walker Glass and Textures – applications, specifications, quotations, shipping and handling.

After an overview of Walker’s product line, we jump in to the meat of the presentation – applications, pertinent product guidelines and stocking information, specifications and warranties, the quotation process, shipping and handling, and so on. We present real-life situations that inspire interactive discussions. Our goal is to give you the information and confidence you need to accurately quote your projects – quote to win as we call it.

Bird-friendly Products and Regulations

Regulations at the Municipal, State/Provincial and National levels requiring the use of bird friendly glass are taking hold throughout North America, creating a high growth market opportunity. Walker is the de-facto leader in the supply of bird friendly glass to the North American market. As such, we feel it’s our responsibility to educate and inform our Fabricator customers about the segment, local regulations, the product options that we offer in meeting these regulations and how you can win the business by working with us. Our Education Program walks you through our product line, briefing you on all that you need to know including product features as they relate to local regulations and our programs, warranty, shipping and handling instructions. The goal is to have your entire team confident and comfortable about quoting bird friendly projects while using Walker bird friendly products.

Our Sales Team

Please get in touch with your Walker Sales representative to book a training session!

Communicate with our Experts

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