Using Acid-etched Glass in Exterior Applications

When Walker first introduced acid-etched glass to the architectural decorative market in 2002, it was initially considered an interior and decorative solution. Today, thanks to creative minds in the architectural community, acid-etched glass is used extensively as an integral component of exterior glazing solutions. We’ll explain why in this section.

A Performing Design Option

Acid-etched Glass Outside!

Architects have long known that daylighting is a crucial component of tenant satisfaction. Walker’s acid etch products provide architects with the ability to shape and optimize the use of daylight as it enters a given space through our various full surface and patterned etches. Depending on the substrate, our products achieve up to 93% visible light transmittance while attaining extraordinary light diffusion. Today, Walker Textures acid-etched glass can be found in a multitude of exterior applications including spandrels, guardrails, glass fins, canopies, and more.

Protecting Birds with Acid-etched Glass!

The need for bird deterrence solutions is growing everywhere in North America. Experts and legislators all agree that markers on the exterior surface is the most effective way to reduce the risk of bird collisions against exterior glazing. Walker’s bird-friendly etched products mute the reflection of the natural surrounding elements enabling birds to distinguish the building from nature, resulting in a significant reduction of bird collisions against glass even when flying at various angles.  More information can be found on bird deterrence. To meet the challenge of this new reality, Walker has developed different first surface bird friendly glass solutions that meet today’s demanding architectural needs for daylighting and energy efficiency.  These solutions can be found under the AviProtek name.

Acid-etched Glass in Exterior Applications

A Unique Way to Enhance Light!

The link below will lead you to our brochure where you will find all the information you need to choose the most appropriate Walker acid-etched glass product tailored to your specific design needs. Test results on strength, resistance to wear, scratching, staining and percentages of visible light transmittance are all included. This go-to technical support document will help you to optimize your building envelope design.

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