Material Handling

Walker products are distributed throughout North America in stock sheet sizes.  Handling of acid-etched glass and mirror is identical to float glass.  The same can be said for its fabrication. On this page we will be providing details on how to properly take delivery and cut your Walker glazing products.

Handle with Care!

Handling Blocks

Walker glazing products are usually sold in 4,000 pound units called stoce (uncrated) although crating is available upon request. The advantage of stoce is it’s environmentally sustainable and doesn’t generate additional material handling. All Walker products should be stored in dry, well ventilated areas. Prior to booking your shipment, please make sure to have the appropriate equipment and space ready to receive your material. Especially if you’ve ordered large sheets of etched glass such as 100’’ x 204’’. 

Cutting Our Glass

What is the correct way to cut acid-etched glass? Scoring the unetched side is the preferred method.  For projects requiring double sided etched glass or etched mirror, standard cutting pressures will need to be increased.  As for all glass products, always use gloves when handling the products. It is important to note: never allow coolant or cerium oxide to dry on the glass.  Edge work on acid-etched glass should be treated the same way as unetched glass providing that the glass is immediately and properly washed following fabrication. In order to preserve the integrity of the mirror coating, it is essential to appropriately cool the grinding wheels to avoid over heating during the fabrication process.  

Technical Booklet

Further details for proper material handling, cutting and fabrication are available in the PDF document below.

  • Guidelines for handling, fabrication, installation and cleaning. Download

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