Walker has been actively working with various glass-related associations over the years, with members of our team committed to representing the company.  This presence allows us to stay on top of upcoming changes in the industry that can have an impact on future developments.   

Sylvain Denis has been involved with the NGA (National Glass Association) for several years now, working on various projects. Sylvain’s involvement was highlighted at this year’s Glass Week where he received the 2020 Volunteer of the Year award. 

“It’s recognition of the time and effort I’ve invested, but it also demonstrates the association’s appreciation of my work and their enjoyment of working alongside me,” said Denis. “For someone like me who is not an extrovert, receiving this recognition it is really the cherry on the Sunday.”

Sylvain attributes the award to his ability to effectively plan and delegate tasks, saying “For my part, I prepare a game plan, I have it approved by the group and I divide the work by proposing volunteers to carry out the tasks. In the end, it’s all about perspective!”

When asked if there is a project that he’s most proud of, Denis explained “We started talking about creating a manual for decorative glass several years ago and nothing had moved for two years when the hot potato hit me. I started by structuring the different sections that the manual should address, having it approved, establishing a wish list of what should be written for each of the sections and making sure to stay the course towards this objective. After about 4 years of effort, we should be able to publish this manual by the end of 2020.”

Congratulations, Sylvain! Your excellent work has positively contributed to Walker’s brand identity throughout North America.