Montreal, July 15, 2019 – Walker Glass Company Ltd. (Walker) has expanded its market-leading AviProtek® offering with four new bird friendly glass designs following customer requests and a growing market demand. 



Three of the AviPrtoek designs use dot patterns and are typically used for guardrails, rain screens and insulated glass units (usually with a third-surface low-e glass). These patterns have been introduced to align with municipal-level legislative requirements – either mandatory or voluntary. 

The fourth AviProtek design, pattern 701, is a multi-directional random line design. It is part of the AviProtek T product line which offers highly innovative solutions that utilize patented UV technology applied to the first surface of the glass that is barely noticeable to the human eye, yet visible to birds. Pilkington’s proprietary coating provides the UV-enhanced reflective properties and Walker’s acid-etch technology creates the standard and custom patterns needed to meet the various bird friendly regulations of jurisdictions across North America, including the newly published CSA A460 standard on bird deterrence.   

“These aesthetically pleasing new bird friendly design options were crafted based on our daily interactions with both the architectural community as well as our customer base. All AviProtek products have their acid-etched visual markers on the first surface of the glass. Markers on this surface are by far the most effective in deterring bird collisions, as evidenced by the recently released CSA A460 bird friendly standard” says Walker Business Development Director, Charles Alexander.   

All AviProtek® products come with a 10 year warranty. 

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