Samples & Mock-ups

Samples play an integral part in the decision-making process of most projects. As laid out in this section, there are many different occasions when samples are needed to advance project decisions. At every step of the way, Walker is here to support you.

From Samples to Project Completion

Samples Box

A great introduction to Walker’s products can be found in our standard samples box. It contains approximately 30 different samples in 4’’ x 4’’ and 4’’ x 8’’ formats of our etched glass, etched mirror, multiple patterns, anti-slip as well as some bird friendly designs. If you need specifications on our products, your local architectural representative will gladly send you all the required documentation.

12×12 Samples

Once you’ve made a design choice, you will likely want larger samples of your preferred Walker SKU to present to your team or to convey your choice to other project participants. In this case, Walker will provide you with a 12’’ x 12’’ sample format to further assist you in your selection process. Our extensive inventory of 12’’ x 12’’ samples representing our full product line is readily available. These samples are free of charge.

Custom Samples

Walker custom samples generally fall into two different categories. The first one would be a different glass substrate that we do not carry in our standard offering. We understand that for some projects there is a need for specific glass to either achieve the right look or to match the surroundings. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Please note that certain conditions apply in this case. The chosen substrate needs to be combined with our standard finishes or patterns. In addition, minimum product quantities need to be confirmed prior to sample production.

The second category relates to custom patterns. Should you need a specific design pattern or should you be specifying a unique bird friendly pattern, again, we can help you, but certain conditions may apply. This category of samples is available only in 12” x 12” format and at a cost of $300 for the production of a new pattern. This fee is refunded when the production order is received.

In both cases, custom samples require a certain lead time of between 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the complexity of the request.


Mock-ups for final approval are sometime requested in sizes larger than our standard 12’’ x 12’’ format. If the requested mock-up is not part of the Walker products that you carry, we invite you to communicate with your Walker sales representative or with our Customer Service Department to explore how we can help.

Fabricated Samples

We use the term “fabricated sample” to illustrate the samples that require a Walker item to be integrated into an assembly with additional fabrication such as back-painted, laminated, insulated glass unit (IGU) samples and so on. If you do not stock the specified glass for a given project, we can help. Please communicate with your Walker sales representative or our Customer Service Department to place an order.

AviProtek® E and Etch Low-e Samples

The demand for the combination of acid-etched on surface 1 with high performance low-e on surface 2 is growing. AviProtek® E and etch low-e samples are available to fabricators that are part of the Vitro Certified Network. We have a comprehensive stock of 12’’ x 12’’ samples ready to ship that have a combination of our standard bird-friendly patterns and our full surface finishes on Solarban® 60 and Solarban® 70XL.


To touch and feel our glass, please order your free samples.

Communicate with our Experts

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