Mirrors are a very important element of design and add oomph to any decor with good reason. A well-placed mirror enhances views, opens small spaces and makes the most of a room’s natural light. The key lies in pairing the right location with the right mirror to maximize its uplifting potential. Although mirrors have many benefits, its biggest challenge is glare control.

That is why acid-etched mirror from Walker Textures® is a good design choice because of its ability to absorb and diffuse light. The Satin finish is characterized by a highly polished surface and reduced reflection. The frosted appearance of the Opaque finish is differentiated by its less polished surface and much lower reflection. With two different finishes and six colors, Walker Textures® acid-etched mirror offers a wealth of opportunities to architects, interior designers and decorators and can be utilized in many applications.

The silver coating on the acid-etched mirror generates an extra gloss finish when compared to the matte finish generated by back painted glass. The muted reflective surface of the acid-etched side of the mirror becomes a dynamic design element that controls light with a more translucent appearance that gives a luxurious look to any room. It offers unique architectural alternatives with its metallic finish and increases the value to the arrangement and decoration of all space. With its advantages of durability and scratch resistance, it is also the perfect material for public places with high traffic like hospitals, common areas of hotels, offices, restaurants, halls, retail stores and more.

It has been proven that acid-etched glass is actually stronger than clear un-etched glass due to the fact that a top layer of the glass side is removed during the etching process. This eliminates the microscopic flaws in the raw glass, as supported by the Mohs scale test method. Making sure it can resist a certain degree of scratches is important for the overall aesthetics. Using Walker Textures® acid-etched mirrors means that you will invest in a product that will look like new for a longer period of time. It does not peel or discolor like films, it does not scratch off like coatings and is also easy to clean.

Walker Textures® acid-etched mirror products are made from selected mirrors, which conform to the following standards:

ASTM C 1503-08(2013) Standard Specification for Flat Glass Mirrors CAN/CGSB-12.5-M86 Type 1B National Standard of Canada – Mirrors, Silvered

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