In the architectural glass world, the terms “value added” and “high performance” are used quite a bit. Designers and fabricators are always in the market for materials that deliver those attributes and in the busy landscape of glass and glazing, determining the best product choice can be a challenge.

However, one such product line not only delivers the value and the performance, but also multi-functionality above others in its class. That is the light acid etched product Satinlite, by Walker Textures®. Satinlite is a unique and smart etched product, one that is extremely versatile. First and foremost, it can be used in an exterior or interior application. This ability opens up a massive range of potential applications.

“Satinlite has continued to grow in popularity because of its ability to be used inside and out. So whether it’s utilized as wall cladding or as a decorative table top, Satinlite has shown to be an excellent option,” commented Marc Deschamps, Business Development Manager, Walker Textures®.

The light acid etch of Satinlite allows it be used “as is” or fabricated with a back paint or direct to glass painting option. Adding those pieces to it opens this product line to be used in applications all over the project including:


  • Partitions
  • Doors (both external and internal)
  • Wall cladding
  • Marker Boards
  • Railing Systems
  • Table Tops
  • Shelving
  • Signage
  • Storefront/Curtain Wall Glass
  • Spandrels
  •  Skylights
  • Canopies
  • Transport Shelters

The additional value and performance come into play with the properties of the Satinlite light acid etch. The product is excellent when it comes to glare reduction and by removing the natural reflective sheen that untreated float glass has, the ability to paint Satinlite and get vivid colors is unsurpassed.

For those who have used Satinlite on their projects, the consistent finish and appearance and the maintenance-free aspect was extremely satisfying. Behind the scenes, the Walker Textures® team created a superior product.

“Satinlite does not peel or discolor and does not scratch off. Those were complaints we had heard from customers in the past that used films or coatings. In addition, we developed Satinlite to be more mar resistant than sandblasted glass. Deschamps added.

The numbers bear it out. Satinlite provides 17% more wear resistance than float glass and 40% greater scratch resistance.

Taking into account everything that Satinlite delivers such as overall versatility of usage, quality, and function using the terms “value added” and “high performance” are surely appropriate.

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