The word “force” has several different definitions including: People working together, Effectiveness and strength, Something with great influence.

The above meanings all can also be associated with the latest addition to the glass and glazing market in the area of flooring.  That new product is appropriately named “Force” via the Walker Textures® Traction product line and features an anti-slip full surface acid-etch without any pattern at all.

People working together

Force arrives in the market after many years of research and development for an anti-slip full surface acid-etched glass being able to be used in a safe way for pedestrian areas. The team at Walker does not work in a vacuum as every product developed goes through a stringent process to ensure its quality but also its value to the market.

“Like many businesses we believe we need to create solutions where the needs exist.  On the flooring side, there was a call for a product that did not have a pattern on it but still was high performer with regards to traction and wear resistance.  After extensive testing and development we believe we have the product that meets the needs of the market,” said Vince Grippo, Research and Development Director, Walker Glass.


Effectiveness and strength

Force joins the two existing patterns 406 and 407 of the Walker Textures® Traction product line. All three options were successfully tested based on the ANSI A137.1 2012 Section 9.6 Procedure for Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) test, providing results between 0.56 to 0.67.   These are very effective numbers when put to the context of minimums allowed.

The ANSI standard mentioned above is the test most accepted by the industry and referenced by ASTM standard E2751/E2751M-13, Standard Practice for Design and Performance of Supported Laminated Glass Walkways.   The test must have a DCOF of 0.42 or BETTER for the tile to be
accepted for level interior spaces expected to be walked upon when wet, for RAMPS the DCOF must be greater than 0.42. 

“Because we have been involved in this space for a long time, we knew that Force had to perform well beyond the minimum to gain acceptance in the marketplace.  To handle the average load of a walkway, a product needs extreme strength and performance and Force delivers,” said Marc Deschamps, Business Development Director, Walker Glass.

Something with great influence

Major projects demand their products and performance is at their best so every association is positive.  These are jobs of influence and using any random product simply won’t do.  Force joins a family of products that have had significant usages including interior and exterior applications at such landmarks as the Queens Museum and the iconic ruby red TKTS exterior staircase in Time Square, New York City.

Another positive is Force along with the other items in the Traction family comes with a limited 10-year warranty that the etched surface will not degrade, provided that the surface is not subjected to any conditions that would otherwise lead to premature degradation of un-etched float glass.

“Our product is located in some of the most demanding and popular locations in the world so it must hold up under the day to day pounding from thousands of people.  We take our quality, attention to detail, and warranty offers seriously because being in projects of influence means there’s a trust between all parties and we do all we can to deliver on our end,” Grippo added.

Glass is known more for being on a window than on a floor, but Force and the entire Traction product line is changing that vision thanks to a thorough R&D effort that produced outstanding tested results that can resonate with the end user.

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