This alternative city tour will take you to various parts of town to see great examples of early adaptor architects that worked with acid-etched glass. Their creativity is a reflection of New York City grandeur, where anything is possible. During the upcoming AIA National Convention taking place June 20 to 22, many of you will embark on organized tour(s) to visit some of New York City’s best known landmarks. The Walker Textures® acid-etched glass project tour is an interesting free option that is available anytime you have a break in your schedule to see and learn how our glass was used with an “outside the box” perspective.

We invite you to start your journey at

Diana Center at Barnard College on Broadway between West 116th St and West 120th St

  • You will see a building with back painted terracotta glass echoing the brick color.
  • The full surface painted panels were made by combining the 6mm Starphire Ultra-Clear™ glass by Vitro with the Walker Textures® Velour finish on the exterior surface.

Your next stop is in Midtown at  579 Fifth Avenue  located between the 47th St and 48th St.

  • From the opposite side of the street you will see pure white spandrel. This was obtained using a combination of low-iron glass, laminates and paint.
  • The outside lite is 6mm Starphire Ultra-Clear™ glass but this time with Opaque, which is Walker’s most opulent finish.

Just steps away, you have the iconic TKTS red podium  right in the middle of Time Square.

  • You will be able to see Walker’s Traction anti-slip glass on the first couple of stairs providing superior slip resistance with a 10-year warranty.
  • The Traction product has withstood the test of time with the first steps installed in 2013. As you’ll see, the Traction stairs are still in excellent condition despite the daily high traffic volume.

Moving on to the Murray Hill district you can see the NYU Langone Medical Center (link to project gallery)  at 570 1st Avenue between East 34th St and East 30th St.

  • Above the emergency reception area, you will see a glass façade made with 12mm Starphire Ultra-Clear™ glass with Walker’s Velour finish on both sides.
  • The light is dispersed beautifully through the glass as the acid-etch does not restrict light flow and provides a great impression of depth while hiding the unattractive building ventilation equipment behind the façade.

Located outside Manhattan you have the Queens Museum (link to project gallery)

  • You will find another staircase made with low-iron glass using the Walker Textures® Traction anti-slip pattern 406 in the main hall.
  • The etched surface was not only used for its anti-slip properties but also to allow the flow of natural light into the main hall.

Start or end your tour with a stop at our booth 4325 on Level 1, where you can explore Walker’s full line of acid-etched glass and mirror solutions including.

  • The industry’s most comprehensive line of bird-friendly glass solutions that meet today’s demanding architectural needs, marketed under the AviProtek® brand name.

In addition, please note that Walker has invested significantly in its commitment to sustainable design as evidenced by the company’s third-party-verified EPD and HPD® declarations.

To conclude, we would like to congratulate the vision and creativity of forward thinking architects that have pushed the boundaries of design by integrating Walker Textures® acid-etched glass into their projects.

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