Combining Natural Light, Style and Safety for Walkways!

A growing demand in the architect and designer world today is safety, especially for walkways. However, combining safety and style, while maximizing the flow of light, has never been an easy feat.

Walker Textures® has dealt with this demand, by creating Traction, anti-slip glass. This product is quite popular amongst architects and designers, in particular for glass staircase applications. This anti-slip acid-etched glass is available in two different patterns, namely 406 and 407.

Walker Textures® Traction is the ultimate glass flooring product. Multi-level acid-etching of the Traction surface provides an unprecedented design option by combining discretion and security without impeding the natural flow of light.

Here are some examples of projects using Traction:


Le Château Store in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

For this project the anti-slip glass was used for a massive staircase connecting the two levels of the fashion store. Glass is very trendy and matches well the ambiance and clientele of the store.

Traction was used not only because it provides a high slip resistant coefficient, but it also obscures view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance, adding to the effect of grandeur. The staircase is made up of 10 mm clear glass with pattern 406, and was tempered and laminated.

McGill University in Montréal, Québec, Canada:

This was a smaller scale project in the Chemistry lab of the University. The architects working on this project did not have a lot of space to work with. In order to create a sense of openness, the architects designed the staircase using Traction which lets the light flow into the closed space. This created that sense of airiness and spaciousness in the room. The glass substrate used was 10 mm Starphire glass with pattern 407, which was then tempered and laminated. 


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