Transition True Fade Pattern

Walker Textures® True Fade provides an etched finish that subtly fades into a fully transparent surface. This made-to-order solution opens up tons of creative possibilities. You now have a sustainable solution that provides coverage where you want it while transitioning to clear areas to benefit from maximum light penetration into the space. The True Fade solution is suitable for exterior and interior applications.

Product Specifications

Thicknesses: 3 mm to 19 mm (1/8’’ to 3 /4’’)

Dimensions: Minimum 60’’ X 130’’; maximum 96’’ X 144’’

Substrates: Clear, low-iron, and available on tinted glass.

Surface: On one side only

Availability: The production of Walker Textures® True Fade is subject to a minimum quantity of 5002 feet on 6MM glass or less on thicker glass. For further details, please contact our Customer Service Department.  

Design requirements:

  • Fading: The fading area must be no more than 4’’
  • Direction: The direction of the fading area can be achieved either vertically or horizontally but not both
  • Number: The maximum number of transitions per stock sheet is two.

*** For more details, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Applications: Interior and exterior

Warranty: 10 year limited warranty on surface degradation. For all terms and conditions regarding the Walker Textures® warranty, please contact our Customer Service Department.


Easy to Maintain

High VLT

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