Tempered mirror

Tempered Mirror is similar in appearance to regular mirror, but it is more resistant to breakage. This makes it a great option for high-traffic public areas and spaces where safety is a concern. Tempered mirror is available on clear and low-iron substrates.

Product Specifications

Substrates: Clear or low-iron
Dimensions: Minimum 24” x 24”, maximum 94” x 130”
Thickness: 5mm (3/16”), 6mm (1/4”), 10mm (3/8”)
Availability: Please request a quote.

Disclaimer: Tempered glass is used in manufacturing mirrors when safety is the paramount concern. Due to anomalies inherent to the tempering process, tempered mirror cannot be held to the same quality standards as annealed mirror. Surface blemishes that should be anticipated include scratches and rubs. Because the glass must be tempered prior to silvering, these blemishes can be encountered on both the face and silvered surfaces.

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