Black Mirror

Walker has mastered the art of flat glass mirror manufacturing for over 75 years.  All our mirrors are made to the highest industry standard and in accordance with ASTM C-1503 Silvered Flat Glass Mirror. The rich dark color of our black mirror provides an image of ultimate luxury. While still reflecting light, it does so to a lesser degree than other tinted mirrors. Walker mirrors are third-party-verified EDP and HPD certified.

Product Specifications

Thickness: 6 mm only (1 /4’’)

Dimension: 96’’ x 130’’ only

Substrate: Black

Availability: Walker 6 mm black mirror is available in blocks of 2,000 and 4,000 pounds.      

Applications: Interior only

Warranty: 10 year warranty – For all terms and conditions regarding the Walker warranty, please contact our Customer Service Department.


Easy to Clean

EPD Certified

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