AviProtek® E Pattern 223

The AviProtek E pattern 223 is a bird friendly glass solution with acid-etched visual markers on the exterior surface of the glass and Vitro’s low-e coating Solarban 60 or 70 on surface 2. This pattern is made with 5 mm dots on four inch centers. This pattern meets local regulations where 4×4 bird friendly markers are accepted such as in Toronto, Canada.

Product Specifications

Thickness: 6 mm (1 /4’’)

Dimensions: Standard 96’’ x 130’’ – on demand 72’’ x 130’’ or 84’’ x 130’’

Substrates: Clear and Starphire Ultra-Clear™ glass by Vitro Glass, other tints are available on demand

Surface: Etching is to be used on the exterior surface only

Availability: AviProtek® E glass products are only available from members of the Vitro CertifiedTM Network. This is subject to a minimum quantity of one block of 4,000 lb or 1,000 sq ft of glass.

Threat Factors: Meets standards where 4×4 spacing of visual markers are permitted.  For more information, please refer to table A2 of the AviProtek® technical booklet

Energy: Available with Solarban®60 VT and Solarban®70XL VT by Vitro Glass, other coatings are available on demand.

Applications: Exterior

Warranty for the acid-etching: 10 year limited warranty on surface degradation. For all terms and conditions regarding the Walker Textures® warranty, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Warranty for the low-e coating: For more information, please communicate with the Vitro Glass Customer Service Department.


Bird Friendly

EPD Certified

High VLT

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