Large architectural projects seem to be taking a precedent in the glass industry. This is one of the main challenges architects are faced with/ tackle: BIG buildings. One such example is airports.

As a traveler, one of the buildings most used, but often overlooked is airports. Airports are used all around the world by millions of people each day. It is no surprise that architects are focusing on making them more appealing, both on the inside and outside.

Architects now need to be more creative, making them “stand out”. The goal is to entice people to go to an airport, not only to use it for travel purposes, but also as an “attraction”. When thinking of an airport, we automatically think of sitting in an uncomfortable chair waiting for an airplane. However, airports are becoming much more than that. In some cities they are even considered local attractions!

Think of all the spaces there are in an airport, retail stores, bathrooms, restaurants, stairs, and not to mention the entire exterior facade.

Airports need to give the perception of openness and provide high light transmittance, in order for people not to feel “cooped up” before going on a plane.

As mentioned above, millions of people walk through airports every day, making some high traffic walkway areas ideal for slip-resistant glass. For example, in stairways and overpasses either connecting other terminals or levels, Walker Textures Traction would be perfect as it lets light penetrate and still maintains a level of opacity for privacy purposes.

Seeing as glass bathrooms are very trendy and provide that elegant look, acid-etched glass can be used on 2 sides of the glass providing even more privacy (a key element when designing a bathroom).

The walls of an airport are also important to consider. After all, this is what people will be looking at. Wall cladding with acid-etched glass or mirror can add luminosity, absorb light and provide nice decorative accents. A prime example of this is the Newark Airport in New Jersey, where Opaque acid-etched glass has been laminated with a white interlayer. The effect is quite stunning.

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