We at Walker are delighted to introduce a new twist in our interior decor offering: Velour acid-etched mirror. This new finish complements the existing Walker Textures® mirror offering and continues our 80-year tradition of manufacturing high-quality mirrors for interior design.

The silky-smooth Velour finish is more matte than Satin mirror, and a little more glossy than Opaque mirror. It’s available on four popular substrates: clear, bronze, grey, and Starphire Ultra-Clear®, a low-iron option from Vitro Architectural Glass.


The four flavours of Velour mirror. Left to right: low-iron, bronze, grey, clear.

As a bonus, clear and Ultra-Clear Velour mirror are available in oversize sheets of 100” x 144”. With these enlarged dimensions, architects can expand their designs to incorporate larger mirrored surfaces with less waste, opening the door to significant savings on material costs.

Mirror that reflects light

This subtly reflective material distributes natural light within interiors while softening direct sunlight. Its etched surface gives depth and richness to the mirror’s appearance, and bronze or grey tinted glass add a warm or cool hue as desired. For those who seek absolute purity, Starphire® low-iron glass is the substrate of choice.

Like other acid-etched glass surfaces, Velour mirror is smooth and easy to clean; warm soapy water and a cloth will do the trick. For additional information on fabrication and care, please see our Technical Booklets for acid-etched mirror, available for download from the product page. Installed correctly in interior applications, Velour acid-etched mirror can enhance a space for many years to come.

Want to know more about how to install mirror correctly? Check out our article on the Seven Deadly Sins of Mirror Installation.

Are you ready to start designing with Velour acid-etched mirror? Explore the product options here, or request a sample of this new mirror option. We look forward to seeing what you create!

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