There’s so much more to a mirror than generic reflectivity…

Great designers can envision usages that utilize this iconic product in several additional ways.  And by working with manufacturers who have the ability to fabricate and manipulate the look, a “typical” mirror can go way beyond the standard.


The Project

This development sits in the heart of old Montreal, an area that is highly desired by professionals thanks to its vibrant location and proximity to restaurants, shopping, and public transportation.


The Architect

The interior of the M9 Condo (Phase 3) project was designed by the prolific architecture firm Sid Lee Architecture.  Sid Lee Architecture is known world wide for the way they approach their designs.  With many memorable and creative projects to their credit, Sid Lee Architecture leaves their mark on every job and this one was no different.


The Design

The design team at Sid Lee Architecture had a very specific approach and knew what they wanted to accomplish from the start.

“When we were designing the interiors, thinking from the first phase to the last phase, we were thinking of creating environments that are more reflective in an urban environment. The use of that for us was just a natural way of executing on that idea because we believe, from the first phase and continuing into other phases, that it would be much more interesting to have reflective material, in which we worked on graphic design, kind of applying textures, somewhat mimicking the lights and colors of the city,” said Jean Pelland, senior partner.

The use of mirror, specifically Walker Glass grey mirror and Walker Textures® grey Satin acid-etched mirror gave the design team the look they desired.

“So having this reflective material really serves that purpose, creating almost that wet look in the environment, where reflection becomes part of the way that you perceive the space. It also creates more emphasis on the animation of any smaller areas, we had a lot of small halls, and the fact that we use glass is a very simple device to emphasize space and double up on the effect. I think that glass, for us, is a material that we very often use in a very graphic way. We are often tempted to super expose textures on glass just to make sure that we have this very modern look, that has a bit more of a graphic art texture/feel to it and that the overall look really makes it feel more like a very vibrant effect other than just to use a plain or standard material. We really rely on texture to give it that effect. We really enjoy using that effective aspect of things,” continued Pelland.

The Product

Organizations like Sid Lee Architecture can see the amazing value in products like grey mirror and grey mirror with the Satin finish.  And they are utilizing them in many different applications across the scope of their project landscape.

“Grey mirror and Satin etched grey mirror are really great products. Yes, we use them very often. When you have an etched effect, it almost gives the impression that it becomes “satin.” So that etched texture is really quite rich. And this is something that we really find elevates the effect of the material and gives it more of a high-end feel,” said Pelland.

And to those who think that mirror is a one-dimensional product, Sid Lee Architecture’s Pelland has an interesting closing insight.

“I think that mirror and satin etched mirror are both materials that have kind of their own lives. Consequently, you lose texture, but in return you get the impression that the material is vibrant, and there is a certain life that comes out of it. We feel that is more interesting in the environments that are closed up and have no natural light, so this is something that we find to be a very vibrant or very lively effect that we like to emphasize. Although, sometimes we create environments that are dark, we really get more out of these environments, get more textures and movement by using a mirrored material or glass.”


Architect: Sid Lee Architecture, Montreal, QC

Etched Glass Manufacturer: Walker Glass, Montreal QC

Etched Products Used: 6mm Walker Glass grey mirror and 6mm Walker Textures® grey acid-etched mirror with Satin finish.

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