Walker Textures® presents a new era in shower glass enclosures!

An emerging trend today is the use of shower glass enclosures, glass shower doors and even in some high-end hotels, a bathroom entrance door in glass! The main intent is to maximize light penetration without compromising privacy. Whether it be in a home, in a hotel or any other building, privacy is important but ease of maintenance is also a key requirement for bathrooms.

Walker Glass, with the help of PPG Industries, has developed such a product; Textures Clarvista™. This glass product has a coating which is resistant to the corrosive action of moisture, humidity and the chemicals found in many household cleaners, making it easy to clean. The glass is then acid-etched to obtain privacy while allowing natural or ambient light into the shower/bathroom. A perfect combination!

Although Clarvista™ is the ideal product for a shower, regular acid-etched glass can be used in a bathroom application as well, and still maintain the benefit of privacy. In either case, one can opt for a full surface etch, a standard pattern or even a custom design.

An ideal example of a custom acid-etched pattern is the Revel Hotel & Casino project. For the bathroom suites of this Atlantic City hotel, 6mm clear glass with custom Velour stripes was used. For the shower, the stripes were acid-etched and the main parts of the glass remained clear, and for the bathroom section, the opposite was done (glass was acid-etched and the stripes remained clear). All glass panels were tempered and laminated for safety reasons.

The architect firm implicated in this project was Larry Lee Associates Architect-Design and the glass fabricator was J.E. Berkowitz.



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