Optimizing daylighting in architectural design is taking on a new importance as numerous studies have shown that natural light can increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and even increase sales. As wonderful as it sounds, some challenges can pop up along the way. Glare and control of contrast are just some of the issues.

Fortunately, minimizing glare without having to compromise on daylighting can be achieved with Walker Textures® acid-etched mirrors.

The reason why designers and architects like acid-etched mirrors is that they deliver a unique and distinctive visual look.  They provide a delicate reflective surface while absorbing natural and artificial light, resulting in controlled glare, ultimate light retention and a pleasant interior space for its occupants. Walker Textures® acid-etched mirrors can be a great design solution providing considerable benefits.

Walker Textures® acid-etched mirror is produced by silvering glass and turning it into standard mirror. Then the etching process is performed on the non-silvered side of the glass with a hydrofluoric solution that creates a frosted look.

With different processes and distinct visual effects, many finishes can be generated depending on how much etching is used on the glass side of the mirror. For example, the satin finish is characterized by a highly polished surface and reduced reflection. On the other hand, the frosted appearance of the opaque finish is differentiated by its less polished surface and much lower reflection.


Acid-Etched Mirror is typically used in the following applications:

  • Wall cladding
  • Office partitions & enclosures
  • Shower & bath enclosures
  • Floors, stairs and railings
  • Doors
  • Displays & shelving
  • Elevator cabs
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Furniture components
  • and many more…



  • Colors: Clear, bronze, grey, black, blue or ultra-clear
  • Mirror thicknesses: 3mm to 6mm (1/8″ to 1/4″), subject to float glass availability
  • Size: Standard size 96″ x 130″
  • Available in full stoce or case quantities and less than 4,000 lbs quantities for selected skus


Walker Textures® acid-etched mirror’s smooth surface is very easy to clean. Its non porous surface can be cleaned using the same protocol as regular mirrors.

Walker Textures® finishes carry an impressive 10-year warranty and have been tested for wear resistance, stain resistance and scratch resistance properties.

For more information or help in specifying Walker Textures® acid-etched mirrors in architectural projects, contact one of our architectural experts or order free samples here.

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