Think Outside the Box…Acid-etched Glass in Exterior Applications

Although many projects have been geared towards interior applications, Walker Textures® acid-etched glass is readily suited for exterior applications as well! The versatile semi-translucent substrate is ideal for reducing glare, diffusing light, providing privacy while maximizing day-lighting and much more.

When combined with any low-e substrate in an insulating glass unit, acid-etched glass creates an eye-catching glazing alternative. The etched surface can be used for all four surfaces of an insulating glass unit, each providing a different visual effect.

Walker Textures® acid-etched glass does not consist of a coating and therefore its resistance properties to outdoor conditions are basically the same as regular, un-etched glass. Furthermore, all three finishes, namely Satin, Velour and Opaque, are well-suited for the exterior environment.

Many remarkable projects have been accomplished using Walker Textures® acid-etched glass for exterior applications.

To name a couple:

  • The CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) in Ottawa, Ontario.

This project provides quite a unique look. The insulated glass units comprised of 6mm clear glass with Satin 1 face on position 3 and insulated units comprised of 6mm blue glass with Satin 1 face on position 3, along with regular clear and blue glass were mismatched around the building, giving it that exceptional “collage” effect from the outside. The effect from the inside of the building, obscuring the view and diffusing light, is a result of the insulated glass units. By putting the acid-etch on position 3, this outcome was accomplished.

It is also important to note that the same substrate of blue was used for the acid-etched and non-etched blue glass, giving the glass a different look yet maintaining that “consistency”.

For more information and pictures on this project, please visit our project gallery at:

The Whitin Observatory at Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA.

For this project, insulated glass units of 6mm clear glass Satin 1 face on position 1 and 6mm clear glass with solid black ceramic frit on position 4, was used.

The main intent for this project was to achieve depth in the non vision panels. The paint combined with the acid-etch in an insulated glass unit gives it more depth and therefore giving it that strengthened feel.

To learn more about this project, check out the project gallery on our website:

As we can see, Walker Textures® acid-etched glass can be used in exterior applications successfully and creatively. The outdoor projects have different designs or performance intents, and can all be fulfilled with acid-etched glass!

So for your next project, think outside the box!

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