One of the great challenges for anyone trying to make it in a professional field is gaining genuine life experience. The classroom can take you only so far as there is really no substitute for doing something real. Thanks to several amazing individuals, an event named MERGE was created and students from various walks of the building product world were able to work together with professionals in the field to create a truly amazing glass installation.

It was with the theme of “transition” in mind that Walker Glass within their Walker Textures® series developed an etched product line by that name.  A product that would allow the light but also gives the privacy required as well as a product that would also give designers additional opportunities to support their vision.

“We spent significant time and R&D into the creation of the Transition line,” commented Vice Grippo, Research and Development Director at Walker Glass. “We wanted to give all of the stakeholders within the office setting what they wanted without losing sight of the reasons that glass was chosen.”

The Walker Textures® Transition line features two main products, True Fade and Gradient. The True Fade provides an etched finish that subtly fades into a clear, fully transparent surface. This made-to-order solution opens up tons of creative possibilities. Architects now have a sustainable solution that provides coverage where they want it while transitioning to clear areas to benefit from maximum light penetration into the space. Gradient provides total control of the design to maximize daylighting and private areas. For the designer the possibilities are simply endless. The design of this solution can be expressed by using dots in various spacings of your choice.

In Wichita, Kansas the American AgCredit Regional Building went with the True Fade product that was applied to 3/8”(10mm) clear glass.  The design team on that project used True Fade on sliding glass office doors and the fixed panels beside them.  All the glass matched perfectly throughout the structure and gave a clean and clear look that really opened up the space.

“We were thrilled to be involved on that project,” added Ross Christie Vice president of sales and Marketing from Walker Glass.  The True Fade worked perfectly with the interior framing systems the architect chose as well as the color scheme of the rest of the interior.  Everything matched seamlessly.”

So the advantages overall that were achieved on this project included the ability to allow natural light to follow into the space without any obstruction, gave full control to the architect with regards to design and density and provided a truly long lasting solution.

The Walker Textures® product line is a permanent etched application.  In the past designers that wanted this etched look, and especially on that transitioned style would be forced to using film or decals.  Those products can potentially cause issues such as peeling, color fade, or curling of the attachment. An etch coating holds its color and is extremely durable. We are extremely proud of that,” said Ross Christie.

The Gradient product in the Transition line offers the same advantages as the True Fade but using dots to achieve it. Both etch applications can be added to glass from 1/8” to 3/4” (3MM to 19MM) thick.  Both can be provided on clear glass as well as low iron.

So as glass transitions into more and more office spaces, the goals of daylight and privacy will continue to be paramount. Occupants demand it and glass like Walker Textures® Transition is a wonderful vehicle to provide it.

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