Hospitals or healthcare facilities unfortunately do not have a very good reputation.

I mean, no one “likes” going there and these buildings typically do not look very appealing. This is probably due to the fact that utility was chosen over interior design. Luckily, some architects and designers have taken upon them to change the way traditional healthcare facilities have been designed.

Cleanliness along with ease of keeping surfaces clean is top priority in health care environments, no one can argue with that. Keeping that in mind architects and designers are now using more and more glass due its ease of maintenance. Acid-etched glass, for example can be used in these types of applications due to its closed-pore surface which does not easily trap dirt and particles. Furthermore, it can be cleaned just like non-etched glass, which does not require additional effort.

Being such a public environment requires that some privacy be given to patients, however it is important not to block-out natural light. It has been proven that natural daylight enhances people’s behaviour and makes people feel happier. Therefore the goal is to use a product that provides light transmission without sacrificing privacy. Acid-etched glass is a great product that can come in different finishes which meet the light transmission properties all the while providing some privacy. Integrating some art, beauty and nature in healthcare environments can really have a beneficial impact on patients and people visiting.

Bathrooms and shower enclosures in hospitals tend to be labeled as areas to avoid. Providing a sterile and sanitary environment is an essential element. Why not use products that can facilitate this and at the same time provide some style. Acid-etched glass is great for a bathroom or shower enclosure application especially in a healthcare facility since it not only adds an element of design with either a pattern (standard or even custom) or full surface finish, but it is easy to clean, will not discolour or wear off and offers some privacy without the use a shower curtain. So providing a sterile environment with a little flair is possible!

Offering a comfortable and appealing space while meeting the strict demands of healthcare facilities may not be the easiest task, but it is easy to contact one of our architectural experts who will be happy to assist!

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